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THIS IS NOW(released october 2010)

Star guitarplayer Bjørn Varpen is back with a bang.

After years of waiting Varpen band finally have released their debut album: This Is Now. The variation in this album is great, with some great signature riffs that will make you smile, at the same time their music takes different directions underways, often in one song…This makes the album very exiting for the listener, musically it`s not for tender souls, but for lovers of guitar based bluesrock, it`s a must have!

The rythm section, Jon and Ketil, jazz educated, rock inspired, is among the best in the country in this genre, and makes a good backround for Bjørn, so that he can do what he does best, play guitar as he has the devil on his tail….

There isn`t many trios as this in Norway today, in many ways Varpen can remind of what Cream stood for in the old days.

Varpen Band is finally ready to hit the road again.

Varpen Band is:

-Bjørn Varpen: Vocals, guitar

-Jon Krogstad: Bass

-Ketil Klæboe: Drums

In 2004 Varpen won the ”Union Bluescup” at Notodden Bluesfestival and have since then been touring Norway up and down, playing at most of the norwegian bluesfestivals. International festivals: Åmål- Sweden and Blues Autur de zinq: France.

Bjørn Varpen is a guitarplayer from northern Norway, concidered to be one of the most progressive bluesguitarists in the country. Bjørn`s style of playing can be described as a mix of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan with a touch of northern atmosphere, powerful and breath taking. Jon and Ketil on bass and drums has a jazz/rock background and the mix of this and Bjørns blues/bluesrock  expression makes this trio something special.

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